If 2020 has taught us anything, its that change can happen fast. Hiring and retaining talent is more challenging than ever. Finding workers during the COVID-19 pandemic can seem nearly impossibleFollowing the economic trend and solving HR challenges are essential to push your business forward. Here are three reasons why you can’t find workers during a pandemic and what you can do to help drive talent acquisition. 

COVID 19: 

The second round of stimulus checks is in the mailand a possibility for more to be sent out. We need to motivate people to want to workStart by rewarding your current employeesacknowledge their achievements, and lead your team with a purposeDon’t overlook workplace leaders. Motivation and hard work are contagious; inspire your staff to work hard and recognize their efforts.  

Economic Trends 

Twenty-five states increased the minimum wage rate in 2021  Is your company now paying just minimum wage with the increaseIt may be smart to rethink and increase your pay rates. A raise in wage rates dictates the economic trend. It’s easy for a firm to lose candidates when their competition follows the economic trend, and they stay behind. 

HR Challenges  

A company’s HR challenges may look different during a pandemic, but they are more crucial than ever. Exposure to COVID-19 is a fear most haveReduce exposure by providing appropriate PPE: eye and face protection, hand protection, body protection, respiratory and hand protection. Ask your employees if they feel safe and protected from exposure. Showing staff, you care about their health and safety can drive respect and productivity. 

Individuals thrive on positivity and recognition. Make sure your management teams are working to create a positive workplace. Invest in onboarding and employee trainingcreating an upbeat work environment, and putting confidence in your employees by eliminating micromanagement. Recognize your employees who continue to show up to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consider developing an employee of the month program Find ways to express gratitude. Invest in their safety and create an encouraging work culture.  

We know it is difficult to find and retain talent during the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you want to be part of the change. Follow the economic trend, reduce HR challenges by decreasing exposure, creating a positive and upbeat work environment, and lastly, recognize your employees. At HW Staffing Solutions, we are your partners in performance. Contact us for qualified talent today! 

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 By Hannah Walsh Social Media & Brand Strategist