With so many people out of work, it seems like it should be easy to seek out talented candidates and match them to your job openings. Yet hiring the right people remains an art form. Talent pools, a line-up of potential candidates that best fit your needs so you can always be prepared when a position opens up, are a great way to keep your company staffed at maximum efficiency. These candidates are already pre-screened and assessed and usually ready to start work immediately if needed. 

By accessing the talent pool, you can gain access to the skills that power your business, support your goals, and always have backup manpower on hand to remain competitive.

Here are four ways to mine and maintain a talent pool.

 1) Look at previous applicants

 File away the resumes of those qualified applicants who reach the last rounds of interviews. After all you’ve already vetted them and they’ve already shown interest in the company. Make sure you keep notes on why you didn’t hire them so you don’t waste your time if the same reasons still apply. Just because they didn’t fit one role doesn’t mean they don’t have the necessary skills for another within the company.

 2) Consider internal hires

 Internal hires are generally less expensive than external ones. They already understand company culture and have likely had training and experience in a related position. Company leadership can even identify promising employees and groom them for leadership positions.

 3) Assess your current candidates

 Consider these applicants for both current and future roles. Again, these are people who’ve already expressed interest in your company, and that buy-in is significant. Keep them on file for when new opportunities open up in the future.

 4) Network and create a community

 Use your company’s career page, Facebook, and LinkedIn to start groups and invite current, past, retired employees, recruiters, HR professionals, and job candidates to share listings in the company with people who’d be a great fit or who’d be interested. And do the same for them. If you can, send newsletters with updates about star employees and company culture and share videos, blogs, and webinars online. Stay active online and make your company seem a desirable place to work.

Having the right resources to identify new sources of talent, efficiently screen out mismatched candidates and build a strong talent pipeline is critical to the success of every organization’s recruiting efforts. It means empowering your company to grow your business with new products and services and into new markets.  

Are you looking for ways to boost productivity at your company?

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