Job interviews can be really stressful, especially if you’re not prepared! Obviously you need to plan your outfit, be on time, and do some research on the company beforehand.

But here are five more unusual interview tips that you might not have heard before.

Tip #1:  Visualize your success and failures

 Instead of just imagining a perfect interview, try to visualize some possible setbacks and how you handle them. Think about some really challenging question that might render you speechless or envision yourself saying something you shouldn’t have. What do you say to success to repair the situation? By planning for some realistic obstacles and being prepared with some problem-solving tactics, you’ll be more confident in your ability and armed with quality responses.

Tip #2:  Flex Your Muscles

 Shaky hands are a common physiological response to nervousness, but clenching your thighs and glutes during an interview can help you stop from shaking. Your veins will contract, and blood will rush back up to the brain, allowing you to focus, relax a bit, and retrieve those words that will make you sound intelligent and capable.

 Tip #3: Strike a power pose

A power pose is more than just good posture. An effective power pose—lifting your chin, puffing your chest, and extending your arms in front of you—can signify confidence and tenacity to your interviewers. This positive body language also affects how you feel by boosting cortisol and testosterone levels, which relieve stress and makes you feel more competent. Smiling, which also exudes friendliness, does something similar to relax your body.

 Tip #4: Leave something behind

 As you leave the interview, deliberately leave an object with your interviewers. It should be something more than just a business card. Leave your resume, a portfolio, or a sample of your work. Make yourself memorable, so you stick out in their minds as a top candidate—someone who is able to do the work, who is passionate about the work, and who will fit into their company.

 Tip #5: Ask unexpected questions

 Always ask questions that show you’ve researched the company, that you’re motivated and that you have a high intellect. Don’t rely on those superficial questions about start dates and benefit packages. Those are important, too, but if you want to stand out, ask thoughtful queries. Inquire about specific projects or goals. And be prepared with a follow-up question to show you’re interested and engaged and can think quickly on the spot.

 Are you hoping to land your next successful interview?

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