So, your business is in a slump. You need fresh faces who can reenergize your company. Here are five ways to optimize your hiring process so that you can attract motivated, invigorating people that power your company to its maximum capacity.

 1) Attitude is everything

Skills can be taught, but attitude cannot. Look for genuinely passionate people with a good work ethic, integrity, and a willingness to learn new skills. Hire people who genuinely believe in your mission and are passionate about your product. Check those references and make sure they seem trustworthy. One CEO advised to look for people who walk quickly—it suggests a sense of urgency and someone who’s probably pretty efficient.

 2) Offer perks

If you’re trying to overcome a slump, you need to attract top talent and make sure those people are engaged and driven. Offer exciting perks such as flex hours or the option to telecommute. You may even want to offer these to your current employees. It might help to motivate them and encourage them to work more efficiently. Experiment and you might find a tactic that works well enough to overcome your slump and beyond.

 3) Know what is wanted

 Before you even post the job opening, establish exactly what kind of position is needed and what skills you’ll be looking for, so you don’t waste a lot of time with unqualified candidates. Responsibilities change and evolve over time, so don’t simply reuse old job descriptions. Start from scratch each time, so that you can be as accurate and as specific as possible and find people who truly fit your company culture.

 4) Don’t hire by committee

Involving too many people in the hiring process makes it drag on! Interviewers are likely to have differing opinions or give the candidate conflicting information that confuses or discourages the candidates. Instead, restrict the process to the most relevant manager do the resume-browsing and initial interviews. And let the applicant do most of the talking to learn as much about them as possible.

Bring in the CEO for closing, to make the final sale to the top candidate. The individualized attention from the CEO will be a huge selling point for your top applicant., inspiring him to share the vision and join the team.

 5) Be transparent

Offer as much information about the position to the candidates as possible to guarantee that he’s making an educated decision if you offer him the job. If you sugarcoat it or advertise the job falsely, you’ll attract the wrong people and have to hire for the same position again. Be honest about salary and compensation, especially if you’re including stock options and need to explain the company’s valuation.

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