The level of trust between managers and employees has a significant impact on productivity within your company. Workers at organizations with high trust levels demonstrate more energy, engagement, productivity, and life satisfaction than workers in organizations with low trust levels. Staff in high-trust cultures also experience less stress and burnout and fewer sick days than employees in low-trust cultures. These are a few reasons why you need to build trust with your team to increase productivity. 

Implement these 7 ideas to promote trust and productivity among your team members.    

1. Build Relationships 

Cultivate personal and professional relationships with teammates. Find out about their likes and interests. Learn how your employees spend their time away from the office. Find common interests to talk about. Ask how their jobs are progressing. Find out whether they need additional information, resources, or training to increase their performance. Work on professional and career development within your organization. These actions drive employee trust, happiness, and engagement. 

2. Set Short-Term Goals 

Create team goals that can be reached within 6 months. Make sure the goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-sensitive (SMART). Moderate stress induced by working toward a goal increases focus and collaboration. Team members learn to trust each other to complete their work on time. Finishing a group project builds cohesion while moving the company forward.   

3. Frequently Communicate  

Communicate with your team on a regular basis. They want to know what the company is doing, where it’s heading, and how they’ll be impacted. Frequent, direct communication increases employee trust, engagement, and productivity. 

4. Actively Listen 

Pay close attention to what your employees are saying to you. Show you value their ideas, perspectives, and constructive feedback. Encourage a feeling of comfort to approach you with individual or team-related challenges. Teammates will be more inclined to share what’s going on in their lives and ask for help when needed. Do what you can to assist them. This promotes trust and productivitand shows dedication to safety.  

5. Encourage Autonomy 

Let your team members have a say in their work conditions. Maintaining control over their work patterns and habits shows you trust them to complete their tasks before deadline. Let employees provide input on the projects they work on and whom they work with. Selecting projects that align with their strongest skills and passions increases productivity. 

6. Recognize Employee Contributions 

Use positive reinforcement to encourage behaviors you’d like your employees to exhibit. Point out specific actions right after you see them. Publicly share the behavior and why it’s beneficial to your team and the organization. This promotes feelings of value and respect. Team members have an example to follow to earn recognition. Stay up to date with their progress and be sure to announce when teammates reach a goal. Reward them accordingly.  

7. Hire Productive Employees 

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