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Giving thanks in the workplace is a great way to connect with coworkers. Showing sincere appreciation for what someone did to help you cultivates an attractive company culture. Expressing thankfulness for a colleague’s contributions and achievements increases cohesion and collaboration. Top talent will be attracted to your company because their work will be recognized and appreciated.

Here are five unique ways to show thanks in your workplace.

Send a GIF

Customize an animated GIF for someone who does a quick favor for you. This use of technology lets you say thanks in a heartfelt, low-key way. Create a GIF for or of the person by uploading an image or video of them from your device or Facebook to Personalizing your appreciation and making the individual laugh makes your action genuine and memorable.

Provide Treats

Bring treats to share with your team. Find out what everyone likes, then bake or purchase a variety of desserts to satisfy their cravings. Everyone appreciates being given a cupcake, brownie, cake slice, donut, muffin, or other gourmet bakery item. Your act of kindness will be appreciated.

Write a Note

Use a thank-you card or Post-It to express written thanks for a specific task. Mention what the person did, how it helped you, and how you felt about their actions. Taking the time to write down your appreciation for their efforts makes your praise more personal and impactful than sending an email or text. The recipient can look at your note often and be reminded of the difference they made for you.

Give a Gift

Purchase a small gift for someone who went out of their way to help you. Give a gift card to their favorite restaurant, a book on a topic they enjoy, or an inspirational quote about helping others that they can display on their desk. Your coworker will think of you when they use the gift and have lasting memories of your kindness.

Give Public Recognition

Mention in a group setting something a coworker did that you are thankful for. This conversation may happen at a team meeting, during a watercooler discussion, or when speaking with your manager. Perhaps your coworker showed you how to complete a task faster, resolved an issue with a challenging client of yours, or stayed late to help you finish a project. Even if the person you are thankful for is not present, word will get around that you were singing their praises. Your coworker will be happy that their contributions meant enough to you that you told others about it.

Make a Job Change

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