Your work culture is the shared set of values, beliefs, and attitudes that guide the company you work for. Culture is reflected in how employees at all levels treat others. It’s part of what attracts candidates to open roles. Strong culture boosts engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction to increase retention . By being intentional with the company’s core values, you can work to create a positive culture that inspires the people around you and contributes to the larger good but also your own job!

Implement these 6 suggestions to create a meaningful impact on your work culture.   

1. Emphasize Company Values 

Point out the company’s core values. Encourage people around you to align themselves with these values. Core values need to be the foundation of everything that happens with the business. They should guide how the organization evolves. Core values need to serve as a basis for setting short- and long-term business goals. This includes everything from the physical layout of the office to how frequently employees interact with colleagues, managers, and the C-suite.  If you point to these values as an employee, it can build up the team you belong to!

2. Promote Company Goals 

Encourage others to strive for company goals. If you’re not clear on the company’s goals – ask! If you frame the question in a way that lets your boss know that you’re engaged and want to help the company meet those goals, the sky’s the limit!

3. Welcome Inclusivity 

Promote the importance of inclusivity in the work culture. Welcome coworkers from diverse backgrounds. Celebrate everyone’s differences. Ask everyone to share their pronouns, such as “he,” “she,” or “they,” to promote inclusive language. If the company doesn’t have a committee focused on diversity initiatives, talk with HR about creating one. Stress the importance of making diversity part of the recruitment strategy to promote organizational growth but do it in a way that is positive!      

4. Encourage Humor 

Make humor part of each workday. Lighten stressful moments and difficult situations to remain focused. Maintain a positive outlook to see things from different perspectives and resolve issues. Create an element of fun to show support for others while continuing to seek a resolution.  Your attitude impacts those around you every day.

5. Prioritize Respect 

Ensure that coworkers at every level feel valued and heard. Everyone has ideas and perspectives that can benefit the organization. Encourage them to share their thoughts and develop ways to increase efficiency, grow revenue, or cut costs.  These stories are perfect editions to your resume!

 6. Support Your Teammates Success!

You may have heard the phrase that the rising tide lifts all ships.  If you support the success and careers of those around you, it will shine positively on you and yours!

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