Workplace culture really does make a big difference in employees’ happiness. So often, people leave jobs in search of a better company with a positive, upbeat culture and a mission that they believe in. They want to know that their company is focusing on the right things, giving them autonomy, appreciative of their efforts, and committed to professional development. Here’s how you can help your company become a place where people really want to work.

5 Ways To Become a Destination Employer

1. Invest in culture

It’s not always easy to get up and head to work every morning. Most people would rather hang out with friends and family or pursue their own interests. But if you develop a good culture and make your employees enjoy their time, they’ll view work as a place for solace, connections, and innovation—somewhere they’ll look forward to going instead of dreading.

2. Inspire your team

Get people excited about their jobs and give them work they can be proud of. If you’re passionate about your business, that enthusiasm will be contagious to the rest of your employees. They want to know that their work matters—they’re contributing to the overall health of the company and their company is making a difference in the world. A good employer can communicate to their employees how each job is important to a collective long-term goal.

3. Create camaraderie

According to a survey in 2017, when asked what people loved about their jobs, the number one answer, three times more popular than the second answer, was “the people I work with.” So encourage friendships, bonding, and collaborating among your employees. Design physical spaces that make hanging out or mingling natural and easy to do. You might sponsor extracurricular activities, like happy hours, company picnics, retreats, or free yoga classes—anything that gets your employees to spend time together and become friends.

4. Commit to professional development

People want to know that they’re not in a dead-end job. They want opportunities for learning, growth, professional development, and the chance to advance their careers. Offer your team mentorships, the chance to attend workshops and conferences, or to enroll in classes that interest them. By investing in their development, you show that you have faith in them, that you value them, and that you want to see them thrive and grow. Plus, your company will benefit from all the new skills and learning your employees are picking up.

5. Create a positive atmosphere

Consider the physical spaces and logistics of your company. Make sure you have a clean environment, sanitary bathrooms, and lots of natural light. Create a privacy zone where people can retreat to when they need to make a personal call or put their heads down and get serious work done. And make sure your team has access to adequate office supplies, tech support, and procedural and HR support.

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