How to Build Flexibility into Your Hiring Process - HW Staffing Solutions


Being flexible with your recruiting process is one key to attracting top talent. The best candidates are busy with work, personal commitments, hobbies, and other interests. For this reason, they require options in their job search that let them get to know employers in their own time. If you do not modify your recruiting process to accommodate job seekers’ needs, you run the risk of losing out on the most qualified candidates.  

Here are five ways to increase flexibility in your hiring process. 

1. Speed Up Your Recruiting Process 

Move forward with your hiring process as quickly as possible. Although there are many important steps to follow, the best candidates will not wait long if it takes a while to hear back from you. Keep in mind that not all tasks need to be finished in order. If a candidate’s reference check is delayed, let them move forward with other steps of the process. Otherwise, top talent may decide to work for a competitor who takes less time to hire.  

2. Tailor Communication  

Find out which method of communication is best for each candidate. Email may be most effective during the week. Or, a phone call after work hours may be best. Be sure not to heap details and requests on any candidate, or go weeks without letting them know where you are at in the recruiting process. If you decide to hire someone else, let candidates know as soon as possible. They can continue looking for other opportunities.  

3. Conduct Video Interviews 

Use video interviews to talk with candidates. People are more comfortable talking from the comfort of home than in an office. They most likely practiced their interview skills at home and have an easier time relating stories about their experiences and qualifications. Candidates can talk openly about their desire for a job change without their colleagues or manager overhearing themencouraging them to open up. 

4. Ask Open-Ended Questions 

Base open-ended interview questions on the core companies and requirements of the role. Provide enough structure to cover the basics while allowing the conversation to flow. Candidates can show their personality and background through their answers. See what makes them unique and why they would be great for a role. You may uncover relevant experiences that can benefit your company.  

5. Make Last-Minute Adjustments 

Be open to rescheduling interviews when something last-minute comes up. Things beyond our control can happen at any time. This does not mean a candidate is not a good fit for a role. If the candidate clearly is interested in the position, reschedule the interview.  

Partner with a Professional Recruiter 

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