While other industries are working from home and flexing their schedules, manufacturing workers have their noses to the grindstone, without the freedom to take breaks and schedule vacations. That’s probably an exaggeration, of course, but the truth is that while manufacturing employees want more flexibility, the industry doesn’t always allow for that. Managers are bound by procedures and unions, but they can still create a great culture and boost productivity. Here’s how.

5 Ways To Build A Positive Workplace Culture

1. Design the right culture

A good workplace culture is the key to engagement, and without engagement, your employees won’t be productive. As a leader, it’s important to build strong relationships with your team. Stay late so you get to interact with the second shift. Be present on the floor as much as possible and learn every single employee’s name. Show them that you care about them and in turn, they’ll care about you and the work they do.

2. Communicate

Be upfront and honest with your employees. Let them know why your procedures and regulations are what they are. When people understand the rationale behind things that seem arbitrary, they tend to be much more forgiving of them. Encourage and facilitate communication lines between your stakeholders, too—customers, managers, employees, clients. When relationships are good, people are more empathetic and good-natured toward one another.

3. Give employees ownership

Allow your employees to control some things about their work. A lot is probably pre-determined by your procedures or union regulations, so find anything you can that your employees can have control over. You might let them choose certain shifts, which types of procedures they can perform, which jobs they get to have, or even which team members they get to work with. When people feel like they have a say in their jobs, they’re more engaged, motivated, and happier.

4. Value your employees

Every single employee should feel like they matter. Give them chances to offer feedback and validate that feedback with a response. That doesn’t mean you have to fix every single little complaint—some just aren’t feasible—but you do have to at least tell your employees that you hear them. If they have a concern that you can’t fix, explain why not. And reward their efforts and successes with praise at the very minimum. If you have the means, thank them with bonuses, gift cards, team lunches, and handwritten notes. Your workplace doesn’t have to be a non-stop party, but your employees should look forward to coming to work, a place where they’re appreciated.

5. Be accessible

If you want your employees you be engaged, you have o be engaged. Be present at work and be accessible. Make yourself available to hearing employees’ concerns. Show them that you care, not just about the company’s goals and well-being, but about them as individuals as well.

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