In today’s digital market for employment, with so many currently looking for work after COVID-19 layoffs, it is crucial to improve your digital appearance. The first step is to have a good resume. A resume can be the make instead of break for your foot in the door of that dream company. If your resume is formatted well, visually appealing, and appropriately written, recruiters will be knocking at your door.

Why have a resume?

Many candidates find applying for jobs monotonous. Between the application, filling out work history, answering job-specific application questions, signatures, and paperwork galore – the potential workforce expresses how time-consuming the process is and that having a resume is just another step. Some even ask, “Isn’t my application enough?” The short answer is no. Unfortunately, it is not. If you are not creating a resume for yourself, you are selling yourself short.

A resume is a chance to tell your story before the interview. If done correctly, a resume is clear, concise, and captivating. When filling out a simple application, there are restrictions on characters you can put in for your job duties, limiting your ability to demonstrate your qualifications. Another benefit to having a resume is that most job boards will have an upload resume function, saving you time and effort when applying online.

How do I make a resume?

There are a plethora of options when asking yourself how to build a resume. Whether you prefer a free resume builder, using a Microsoft Word Resume Template, a resume writing course, or a resume writing service, there are always options. If you are brainstorming how to write your resume, the best first step is to collect the standard information you need. For example:

  • Employment History; this includes job duties, dates of employment, your title, and the company you worked for
  • Education History; include your high school diploma and any higher education.
  • Certifications and Training; anything that may be relevant to your qualifications.

Once you gather this information, building your resume will be quick and easy.  The information on your resume is half the battle. The other half is how you present it.

Do’s and Don’ts of a great resume

There are many do’s and don’ts of resume writing – from font choice to using metrics in your job duties and avoiding employment gaps. Following some simple rules for writing a resume will ensure your chances of getting an interview with your targeted employer.

A resume can be the make instead of break for your next career move.  When formatted well, visually appealing, and appropriately written, recruiters will be knocking at your door in no time.

Free Resume Writing Workshop

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By Samantha Sundberg, Staffing Specialist

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