Retaining top talent can be the key to your company’s success. Most millennials, who make up half of the work force, feel little company loyalty, and are willing to speak with recruiters and switch jobs rapidly.

 Hiring new employees is expensive, time-consuming, and can cause a dip in overall employee satisfaction. With thoughtful, deliberate planning and the right system in place, you can support the growth and skills of your best workers as they support the growth of your company.

 Here are seven ways to keep your employees happy and engaged and make sure they’re willing to stay at your company for the long-term.

 Key #1: Be clear about expectations and company goals

 At some point in the hiring process, employees need to know what’s expected of them and how their performance contributes to the overall vision of the company.

 Key #2: Create an open and honest work environment

 Make yourself accessible for those quick, in-the-hall meetings that often happen by chance. But also set up a system of regular sit-down meetings where employee concerns are heard and validated and constructive criticism and praise are doled out. Employees must feel that their opinions are valued and make a difference.

 Key #3: Provide opportunities to grow and learn

 This can come in the form of tuition for continued education classes, job shadowing, or a mentor program. Employees should always be given challenging, stimulating work and know that there is room for advancement at your company.

 Key #4: Recognize and reward good work

 Cash bonuses and company trips are great, but sincere, specific praise—either publicly or in private—is also important. Employees must feel that they’re valued and respected and that their performance is directly linked to the success of the company.

 Key #5: Encourage team cohesiveness

 Make your employees feel more invested in one another with team activities and social outings. Such camaraderie can enhance the atmosphere in the workplace and make employees feel more connected to one another. They are less likely to leave your company if they have formed lasting relationships.

 Key #6: Encourage and support flexibility

 People want better salaries and benefits packages, but they also value flexible work schedules, PTO, and remote work opportunities. They want to feel valued, well-taken care of, and to have good work-life balance. If possible, provide more learning opportunities, an on-site fitness center, a casual dress code, on-site daycare, and even daily, catered lunches.

 Key #7: Invest in up-to-date tools and technology

 Equip your team to collaborate from anywhere and offer them quality tech support to remove barriers to their daily productivity. This may be expensive, but it shows you care about their productivity. 

Are you looking to hire top employees?

All of these strategies are investments in the satisfaction of your employees and thus, cost far less than replacing your top performers. For more information on how to staff your company with top talent and reduce your riskcontact us or request employees.