Hiring a great employee is an art form! You have to see past the fancy resumes and suave interviewing skills and make sure you hire the person who will best support your company’s mission and goals. Hiring the wrong person can cost you a lot of time and money. By making sure you have the right recruitment process, you can guarantee that you’ll be hiring the most talented candidate with the best qualifications.

 Here are five tips to ensure you make the best hires every time.

 1) Clear job description

 If the job description you post isn’t clear and accurate, you risk wasting your time with irrelevant applicants and resume spammers. Make sure you know exactly what type of employee you need and be open about the requirements and expectations so you attract only the most qualified candidates.

 2) Identify the ideal candidate

 Think about the five primary tasks you need this employee to accomplish in the first year and the behavioral traits best matched for those tasks. Look for those behaviors during the interview or other screening activity. Does he need to be really social and responsive to customer needs? Then observe interactions with everyone he meets. Good problem solvers? Give him a problem to solve. Have him deliver a sales pitch, write out a project plan, or analyze customer service data—whatever’s most similar to the job you’ll need him to fulfill.

 3) Out of the interview zone

 Consider taking a candidate out to lunch with team members and observing his social skills. Or choose an activity that aligns with your company culture to see how well he fits in. Maybe a cooking class so you can see how he handles learning a new task. Is he a team player, enthusiastic about people and relationships? Does he seem to be curious and ask good questions?

 4) Consider an intern

 If your company can handle it, consider hiring the candidate as an intern first. Give her actual work to do in order to really monitor progress. It’s a much cheaper way to learn about her intelligence, skills, and ability to cope with pressure, deadlines, and client demands.

 5) Get feedback from everyone

And finally do your due diligence and consult the people she meets outside the interview—the receptionist who greets her, for example—was she polite? Inquisitive? Check social media and maximize feedback from references. Ask about work performance, sense of humor, the neatness of her workspace, and how she handles mistakes. As you inquire about her work history, make sure she’s not prone to conflicts. You don’t want her to disrupt the positive climate in your office, you want her to enhance it.

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