Refer a Friend - 3 Reasons Why You Should Add an Employee Referral Program HW Staffing Solutions


Have you ever felt like you can’t find enough employees with the skills and experience needed to drive your business? If so, it may be time to create an employee referral program. Staff are encouraged to introduce you to members of their network with the qualifications you need to fill a role. Employees whose referrals get hired,  receive a reward for their contribution. This generates a greater variety of quality candidates for job openings.   

Here are three reasons to create an employee referral program.   

1. Save on Recruiting 

Implementing an employee referral program saves time and money on recruiting. Since positions tend to fill faster, you spend less on job postings, resume reviews, interviews, and preemployment screenings. Because referrals tend to stay longer, you save by not having to fill those roles as often. The more your employees talk about the positive aspects of working for your company, the more attractive your organization becomes. As staff introduce more connections to your organization, your applicant pools increase. You gain access to passive candidates who otherwise may not have considered working for you. This is especially important for securing staff with hard-to-find skills.  

2. Improve Quality of Hire 

Having an employee referral program increases your quality of hire. Because staff refer friends, family, and former colleagues in roles similar to theirs, their connections have the qualities needed to be successful in your business. Employees understand their referrals’ strengths and weaknesses. They also know their referrals’ performance reflects on them. Staff often mentor referrals through the hiring process to increase their odds of being offered a job. You gain diversity by bringing aboard employee referrals. Adding passive candidates to your team increases the quality of work as well. 

3. Maintain Company Culture 

Using an employee referral program ensures new hires blend with company culture. This increases employee happiness, productivity, and retention. Staff can share your company’s mission, vision, and values with referrals to ensure they’re a good match. Referrals feel increased attachment to your organization and a stake in its future. As a result, they want to play a part in moving the company forward.   

Hire Quality Employees 

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