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Now is a great time to make changes that enhance your company. As you prepare to close out 2020 and get ready for 2021, be sure to think about ways you can improve your hiring process. The changes you make will impact company culture, business operations, and other aspects of your organization. Since all top employers are open to improvements, get started planning how you can improve your business today.

Here are three suggestions for reinventing your company in 2021.

Easing Job Requirements

Reconsider the criteria that candidates must meet to be considered for a role. Requiring fewer qualifications widens your talent pool. For instance, you may be able to reduce the need for specific education requirements, skills, or related experience. After all, the knowledge and abilities an employee gained from previous roles do not indicate how well they may perform with your organization. Also, do not be overly concerned about the number of jobs a candidate held or how long they stayed at them. There is virtually no correlation between the number of positions held and how long a candidate may stay with your company.

Emphasizing Transferrable Skills

Place more emphasis on candidates’ transferrable skills. These portable skills show the potential for learning and adaptation to a new role. For instance, skills such as effective communication, creativity, and integrity are important in any position. Collaboration, leadership, and problem-solving are critical as well. Having a significant number of transferrable skills increases the odds of a candidate being successful in a role.

Enhancing Candidate Experience

Improve your recruiting process to provide a more desirable candidate experience. For instance, keep candidates informed about where they are in the recruiting process. Many withdraw or accept an offer from a competitor due to a lack of communication from an employer. Also, make hiring decisions as quickly as possible. A significant number of candidates lose interest in a position if they do not hear anything within a week of an interview. Plus, make your company even more attractive by offering flexible scheduling, remote work, additional paid time off, or other incentives.

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