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Since 2020 is the year of so many things being canceled, this is not the time to consider canceling your company’s holiday party. Because social events are crucial for your culture, staff members need this end-of-year celebration. Thankfully, there are plenty of creative ways to bring employees together virtually. There are some fantastic ways to show your team you appreciate them that don’t rely on being in the office.

Here are some suggestions for holding a virtual holiday party

Ideas for Virtual Holiday Parties

If you decide to host a virtual holiday party, you have a range of options to choose from.

Gifts Are Really Easy to Implement

You can hold a gift raffle or a secret Santa.  It’s still not too late to assign secret Santas and have the team send gifts directly to their teammate.  Sending a gift through Amazon and the US Postal service is a breeze!

Make Sure There’s Music!

Include a party playlist or hire a band to stream virtually while everyone enjoys the party from home.

The Ugly Sweater Contest is Still On!

Another option is to plan a virtual ugly sweater party. Email details for employees to prepare their best ugly sweater and potentially win the grand prize.

Games and Karaoke are Definitely a Must

Include virtual games, contests, and entertainment. Or, create a virtual holiday karaoke party. Email invites and a karaoke sign-up sheet. Ship each staff member a box with a microphone and stage props to use while performing. Offer prizes for different categories of karaoke.

Use Your Budget To Surprise Your team

You most likely have a budget set aside to pay for the party.  Instead of not spending that money, consider buying gifts for your team or purchasing branded swag to build up your company culture!  Do it as a surprise though!

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