Tens of thousands of workers get injured every year due to falls. Most are falls on the same level, like a slip or a trip and are totally preventable. This can be really costly for your company. Not only might you have to cover any medical expenses that result from the employee falling, but you also have to account for any time your employees miss work—hiring a temporary employee or delegating his duties to the rest of your staff. If you care for the workspace, provide quality flooring, require proper footwear, you can avoid these safety shortfalls.

 Slips and trips

Slips are usually caused by wet or oily surfaces, a spill, hazardous weather—rain or ice—loose rugs, or a flooring surface that has an inconsistent amount of traction. Trips occur when there’s an obstructed view, poor lighting, boxes or other objects in the way, crinkled or folded carpet, loose wires, or uneven walking services.

 Maintain good housekeeping

Clean up all spills immediately and mark spills and wet areas to warn people. Mop or sweep debris off the floors as soon as possible. Keep walkways free of clutter. Secure mats, rugs, and carpets that don’t lay flat. Keep lower level drawers closed so people don’t fall over them. Work areas and hallways should be well-lit. Replace light bulbs and faulty switches as soon as possible. Without good housekeeping habits, all other preventative measures are useless.

 Provide quality flooring

Repair and modify flooring so people can walk without an accident. Refinish or replace old floors, and install mats, abrasive strips, paint or synthetic decking over slippery surfaces. But remember that these areas still need to be regularly maintained by housekeeping to be as safe as possible.

 Require proper footwear

Especially when employees spend time outside or doing some sort of manual labor, you should require or encourage that they wear proper footwear. No flip flops while moving boxes or climbing ladders! Good shoes also provide proper support and limits the chance for muscle exhaustion and another slip or trip!

Avoid falling, yourself

Take your time and watch your step. Walk at a reasonable pace—no running, hopping or skipping! Make wide turns around blind corners so you don’t run into anyone. Remove clutter and obstacles from hallways and other heavily-trafficked areas. Use sufficient light sources. In other words, use flashlights headlamps, or turn on lights when rooms are dark. Don’t carry anything excessively heavy or awkward so that it obstructs your vision or hinders your pace.

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The best way to ensure you don’t suffer workplace accidents is to always stay vigilant about rules and regulations and make sure your employees don’t get lazy and cut corners. For more information on how to keep your employees safe, contact us today!