Attracting and retaining talent didn’t always seem so challenging, but with more stimulus checks going out, it is easier for those unemployed not to work. Today, job seekers have more options on their employer of choice with numerous companies seeking workers. With more opportunities on the market, it is easy to lose our top talent workers to competitors. Start putting your efforts towards attracting and retaining top talent by implementing these four tips. 


Improve Employer Branding 

How do people perceive your company? Start by surveying your employees, find out why you are their employer of choice. Analyze and learn from the survey and find ways to improve. If the answer is not clear, reiterate your employee value proposition. Ensure management buys into the company values and teaches their team to do the same.   

In a recent LinkedIn study, “75% of job seekers research a company brand before applying for a job.” It is more important than ever to make your brand easy to find, with an exceptional reputation and a robust social presence.  

Referral Program 

The number one way employees find new opportunities is from someone they know. Don’t be fooled; word of mouth is more valuable in the digital age than before. As you begin investing in your employees, we suggest starting a referral program. Current employees are aware of the skill sets required to be successful, create a simple referral program that makes it easy for employees to refer friends.  


Career Advancement 

Providing your employees with a clear career path can help motivate and support internal progression. We recommend outlining the big picture, celebrating small milestones, and putting a plan in place to show employees how to get from point A to point B. Share stories of current staff who have “climbed the ladder” and can demonstrate it is achievable. Create a mentorship program to open a safe space to share ideas, ask questions, and make connections with those who have greater skill sets.   


“The little things go a long way.” Sure, we all want excellent health insurance packages, 401(k) stock options, and vacation time, but offering great HR benefits can minimize your turnover rate and increase employee morale. Offering a flexible work schedule, letting an employee leave early to be at their daughter’s school play, and offering free coffee Fridays can all go a long way. Invest in your employee’s well-being by showing you care about their work-life balance.  

We know it is challenging to attract and retain top talent. In your effort to do so, highlight your company culture and invest in a referral program. Create a clear career path with mentorship programs and invest in your employee’s well-being. We all want to be the employer of choice. Start by implementing these four tricks to attract and retain top talent. HW Staffing Solutions is your employer of choice. Contact us today to connect with top talent.  

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 By Hannah Walsh Social Media & Brand Strategist