3 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Workers


If 2020 has taught us anything, it‘s that change can happen fast. Hiring and retaining talent is more challenging than ever. Finding workers during the COVID-19 pandemic can seem nearly impossible. Following the economic trend and solving HR challenges are essential to push your business forward. Here are three reasons why you can’t find workers during a pandemic and what you can do to help drive talent acquisition.  COVID 19:  The second round of stimulus checks is in the… Read more »

Reinventing Yourself -Your Team – and Your Company


Reinventing Yourself -Your Team - and Your Company - HW Staffing Solutions

Now is a great time to make changes that enhance your company. As you prepare to close out 2020 and get ready for 2021, be sure to think about ways you can improve your hiring process. The changes you make will impact company culture, business operations, and other aspects of your organization. Since all top… Read more »

Showing Your Team You Are Grateful for Them Pays Dividends


Showing Your Team You Are Grateful for Them Pays Dividends - HW Staffing Solutions

Expressing gratitude in the workplace is a critical part of business success. Fostering a sense of meaning at work satisfies the need to feel a sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves. As a manager, showing your team appreciation, value, and respect empowers them to reach their full potential. Recognizing their efforts increases energy,… Read more »

Identify Your Team’s Strengths and Use Them!


Identify Your Team's Strengths and Use Them! - HW Staffing Solutions

A strength may be defined as something a person is or could be good at, that energizes them when they do it, and benefits something beyond themselves. As a manager, knowing your team members’ strengths is important for unlocking their potential. This information lets you make wiser decisions about assignments, performance reviews, and employee success…. Read more »

Are you ready to get back to work?


At HW Staffing Solutions we want you to know we are here for you now and we will be there for you when you are ready to get back to work. We have been 100% operational through COVID19 and we can help you get your workforce up and running when you are ready.

4 Ways Managers Can Create a Culture of Teamwork


4 Ways Managers Can Create a Culture of Teamwork HW Staffing Solutions

Building a culture of teamwork is important for your company. When individuals know they’re contributing to their team, they feel appreciated. This encourages them to continue to learn, perform their best, and achieve more. High productivity and collaboration create engaged workers and vibrant company culture. Teammate interactions promote innovation, making your company a desirable place to… Read more »

How to Plan for the Fourth Quarter Employee Performance Reviews


Most employees and employers dread employee performance reviews. They’re stressful, they take a lot of preparation, and there are often expectations and fears that are so feared they can negatively affect an employee’s productivity and motivation. But if you do them right, performance reviews can be really effective. And the best way to do them… Read more »

Employee Learning Series: Providing JITT (Just in Time Training)


Nothing frustrates an employee more than when they’re expected to do something that they have no training for. And as we all know, frustrated employees become disgruntled employees who eventually start looking for new opportunities elsewhere. How can they be expected to perform well when they’re unprepared to do so? Here’s why training is essential… Read more »

Find Your Management Style Sweet Spot


The key to effective leadership is finding your sweet spot—knowing your strengths, your passions, and where you’re most likely to be productive and engaged. Those are the tasks you should spend the most time on. By further developing those strengths, you’ll become more motivated and inspire those around you to do the same. When your… Read more »

3 Reasons You NEED to Show You’re Thankful for Your Employees


Showing your appreciation for your employees is one of the most important things you can do to keep up your morale and build loyalty from your team. There are lots of ways to show your gratitude—a thank you note, simple recognition, monetary bonus, and gifts—but it’s not what you award, it’s that you acknowledge them…. Read more »