3 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Workers


If 2020 has taught us anything, it‘s that change can happen fast. Hiring and retaining talent is more challenging than ever. Finding workers during the COVID-19 pandemic can seem nearly impossible. Following the economic trend and solving HR challenges are essential to push your business forward. Here are three reasons why you can’t find workers during a pandemic and what you can do to help drive talent acquisition.  COVID 19:  The second round of stimulus checks is in the… Read more »

Reinventing Yourself -Your Team – and Your Company


Reinventing Yourself -Your Team - and Your Company - HW Staffing Solutions

Now is a great time to make changes that enhance your company. As you prepare to close out 2020 and get ready for 2021, be sure to think about ways you can improve your hiring process. The changes you make will impact company culture, business operations, and other aspects of your organization. Since all top… Read more »

Rethinking the Holiday Party


Rethinking the Holiday Party - HW Staffing Solutions

Since 2020 is the year of so many things being canceled, this is not the time to consider canceling your company’s holiday party. Because social events are crucial for your culture, staff members need this end-of-year celebration. Thankfully, there are plenty of creative ways to bring employees together virtually. There are some fantastic ways to… Read more »

HR Tech Trends to Pay Attention To


What Have Leaders Learned About Working Through A Crisis?

The fun thing about technology is that it changes so rapidly and affects all industries. And that includes human resources. Yes, it can be a little intimidating to not know what’s coming, but if you read ahead and stay up-to-date, you can make sure your company’s ahead of the curve. Here are some HR tech… Read more »

Your Complete Staffing Partner


You need new employees. HW Staffing can help. Whether it’s accounting and finance, office and administrative, professional and technical help, to fill your call center or food processing, we have expertise, networking contacts, and resources that can hook you up with the best candidates to fill your openings, making hiring a breeze for you, not… Read more »

Newest Hiring Trends for 2019


Believe it or not, hiring is evolving all the time. It’s directly impacted by technological innovation, overall supply and demand, and unemployment rates. And if your company can’t keep up with the trends, other companies will beat you to the punch, hiring the talent you need right out from under your nose. Here are the… Read more »

Safety First! Double-Check These OSHA Requirements


In 1970, Congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to assure safe and healthful working conditions for workers by setting and enforcing standards and providing training, outreach, education and assistance. Below are the most cited violations of 2016 according to OSHA. Because they’re so common, these are requirements you should double check! Employers… Read more »

Simple HR Tips That Will Help You Manage Any Team


Leading a new team of people can be daunting. There are a variety of personalities and performance levels to referee and balance. Then, you must turn that hodgepodge of individual needs into one cohesive, productive team. Keep reading for five ways to unite and inspire your team. Value relationships.  Consider everyone’s opinions and ideas valuable,… Read more »

3 Steps to Hiring Top Talent to Improve Your Business


Hiring and retaining top talent can be an art form and the key to your company’s success. Unfortunately, many companies do it haphazardly with untrained workers doing the hiring. This leads to misplaced hires, unhappy workers, and even early departures. But with thoughtful, deliberate planning and the right system in place, you can attract and… Read more »