You need new employees. HW Staffing can help. Whether it’s accounting and finance, office and administrative, professional and technical help, to fill your call center or food processing, we have expertise, networking contacts, and resources that can hook you up with the best candidates to fill your openings, making hiring a breeze for you, not an overwhelming burden. Here’s how HW Staffing can serve as your complete staffing partner.

Why Is HW a Complete Staffing Solution?

1. We are Industry specialists

We employ specialists who are subject matter professionals with vast amounts of expertise. In other words, our accounting and finance specialists focus on accounting and finance and our call center specialists focus on hiring for call centers. We know what skills, experiences, and attributes make a quality employee for their specific industry. We get to know your company and your hiring needs so we can help design the perfect arrangement, whether it’s a temp assignment or a full-time position. And they know what competitive compensation looks like in their area of expertise so they can guide you in making the perfect offer—that no candidate will be able to turn down! They’ll make sure that your favorite candidate doesn’t slip through the cracks.

2. There are Consistent results

Because we take the time to get to know your company and your unique goals and challenges, we can respond with the perfect, customized hiring solution. In other words, we can guarantee reliable, consistent results every time. We know how important hiring is—a bad hire can be devastating to a company—and we take our role in it seriously.

3. Our Huge Pipeline of Candidates is Ready

When you advertise an opening at your company, you’ll only get applications from interested candidates who happen to see your ad and who are actively seeking new employment. But when you work with us, we can present your opening to all the relevant candidates in our database, some of them who might even be passive candidates—currently employed and not actively looking. In fact, we might be able to find a candidate whom we’ve worked with in the past who might be perfectly suited for your role.

4. We’re Always a Time-saver

As a business leader, one of your most important resources is time. But when you’re burdened with hiring a new employee, it’s extremely time-consuming. You have to screen resumes, schedule and conduct interviews, and make a hugely important decision. But if we do most of that work for you, you’ll only need to weigh in at decision time, allowing you to spend time on marketing, managing, and guiding your company towards achieving their goals.

Are you looking for a complete staffing solution no matter the roles you’re trying to fill?

For more information on how HW Staffing can help you fill your hiring needs and find the best candidates to power your company, contact us today to request the talent that you need.