HW Staffing Solutions – Outstanding Employee of the Year


The Helen Walsh Achievement Award is an annual award, designed to recognize individual members of the HW Staffing Solutions internal team for outstanding achievements in the workplace. This award based on activities that demonstrate the core values of our organization as passed down by our Founder, Mrs. Helen Walsh. Dignity, Excellence, Service.



Nominees will be evaluated on their actions that surpass exemplary performance in the job.


Dignity – Special Efforts in Promoting Workforce Dignity

Making an exceptional effort to be inclusive and how this affects the work environment

Examples that contribute to the practice of workforce dignity:

  • Increasing awareness of and respect for others
  • Being attentive to diversity and proactively being inclusive in the workplace
  • Taking action to support and champion diverse populations
  • Embedding dignity and respect into their work duties and responsibilities
  • Supporting through diversity to bring various perspectives into the workplace


Excellence – Outstanding Achievement in the Workplace

This is achievement surpassing the typical job duties and how this benefits others

Examples that constitute performance beyond expected standards include:

  • Performing extra duties substantially beyond those typically assigned working on ‘special projects’
  • Creating space for an exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives
  • Identifying gaps in your area and finding ways to initiate positive change as a result
  • Service on a committee or team and creating opportunities for employees to improve skills and abilities
  • Making special efforts to mentor others


Service – Exceptional Service and Support

Outstanding service/outreach besides or outside of regular job duties and how this impacts others

Examples of outstanding servicer include:

  • Contributing to public service and outreach
  • Incorporating various community centers into recruitment efforts
  • Delivering exceptional service to our clients
  • Improving service to coworkers, employees, and clients
  • Being transparent and supportive of potential applicants