Building Bridges with Your Team


HW Staffing Solutions Building Bridges With Your Team

As life expectancy and retirement age increase, so does the generation span in the workforce. For this reason, it’s possible you have five generations of employees on your team. Given the diverse age ranges, experiences, and expectations of each generation, it’s your managerial duty to promote harmony, balance, acceptance, and motivation among your workers.   Implement these tips to build bridges… Read more »

Leading Through Crisis – What We’ve Learned


During this global pandemic of COVID-19, daily lives are changing everywhere. With no obvious solutions, you’re learning to lead your team through every obstacle as it comes up. Because every crisis presents itself differently, you’re using what you learned with previous challenges to deal with current and potential ones. This is helping you grow and become even more effective.   Here are some things… Read more »

Why you need to get back to work now!


Why you need to get back to work now – Even if you are earning more on Unemployment    By: Dianne Labonte – Regional Business Development and Marketing Manager  The Cares Act won’t last forever, expanded UE benefits won’t last forever, and we will be facing a very tight labor market. There has been a… Read more »

In Times of Uncertainty – Having a Staffing Partner Is Important


At HW Staffing Solutions, the wellbeing of you and your employees is very important. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and taking precautionary measures to enhance our team members’ health and safety. We also are focused on making sure our staffing services are uninterrupted and support teams are responsive to customer needs. We will continue to… Read more »

3 Critical Steps to Reopen your Workplace


Returning to Work after COVID-19 Shutdown It’s stirring and a little frightening all at the same time. We are excited to be allowed to open our facilities and get back to work! But how do we ensure the safety of our employees and our facility? According to the CDC when determining the most appropriate actions… Read more »

The Standouts – Finding the Next Leaders in Your Organization


Developing New Leaders

As a manager, you always need an exit strategy. If you receive a promotion, you need a plan in place for someone to fill your role. For this reason, you need to prepare your employees for leadership positions now. Equipping them with management skills means they can make informed decisions, guide their peers, and be better… Read more »

What Are The Implications of a Bad Hire?


Impact of a bad hire

The price of a bad hire has far-reaching consequences for your company. From the cost of recruitment and training to the disruption and lowering of employee morale, bad hires have a significant impact. Whether a bad hire results in loss of revenue, clients, or employees, you need to do all you can to avoid making the same… Read more »

Safety for All – Addressing the Chronically Unsafe Employee


Leaving Your Job - How to Build Bridges Rather Than Burn Them HW Staffing Solutions

Most employees understand they’re responsible for creating a safe work environment. They understand the importance of being trained to safely carry out their job duties and ensure the safety of coworkers. However, there are times when safety measures are ignored. As human beings, employees don’t always follow procedures. As a manager, you may not want… Read more »

Staff Promotional Events Successfully in 2020


When you’re staffing a promotional event, you need a team of professional, attractive, knowledgeable, energetic, outgoing people who can work together as a team and interact with your targeted markets. Those positive interactions that potential customers have with your team are what helps build your brand image and makes them loyal. HW Hospitality Group is… Read more »

Fun Ways Your Event Staff Can Have Fun With Valentine’s Day


Whether your event is Valentine’s Day themed or not, if you’re hosting something in mid-February, add a little charm by having fun with this romantic holiday. It’s become a mainstream commercial success, more than simply a holiday for lovers. Celebrated in schools, restaurants, and offices, Valentine’s Day is a great way to boost energy and… Read more »