Building A Sense of Belonging in the Workplace


co-workers of all ages working together

Today’s workplace includes four generations (Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z). Each with its own unique values, skills, and perspectives on what working together may look like to achieve common goals. Building a sense of belonging in the workplace may look different for each generation but we share insights on the importance of… Read more »

How to Reduce Stress During the Return to Work Transition for Managers


Group of people sitting at an office table

Reduce Stress during the Return to Work Transition. Like many HR professionals, your hands are full with getting people integrated back into the office after a long virus-induced absence. When the pandemic hit, it was bad enough having to deal with employees working from home…but now that they’re returning to work, how can we reduce stress… Read more »

March Shines A Spotlight On Eye Safety At Work 


A male wearing safety glasses smiling with his thumbs up

Workplace Eye Wellness Month Shines The Spotlight On Eye Safety At Work. The month of March has been named Workplace Eye Wellness Month to draw attention to the importance of eye safety at work. Through observing this occasion, Prevent Blindness hopes to raise awareness of how common eye injuries can occur while at work and… Read more »

Why Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day?


Group of employees smiling

The first Friday of March is set aside to mark national Employee Appreciation Day – March 4, 2022. This unofficial holiday on the workplace calendar aims to bring attention to the valuable contribution of employees in the workplace. Employee Appreciation Day is a golden opportunity for employers to recognize and appreciate how employees contribute to… Read more »

Inclusive Job Posting: A Super Effective Way To Attract High-Quality Candidates in 2022


Attracting Talent

If a qualified candidate isn’t drawn to your job ad, it’s likely that they don’t see themselves in that position, even if they might be the right person for the job. Learn to write job ads that are inclusive & unbiased in order to make your job recruitment process as fair and diverse as possible… Read more »

Smarter Hiring Trends for 2021: 4 Tips to Attract and Retain Top Talent


Attracting and retaining talent didn’t always seem so challenging, but with more stimulus checks going out, it is easier for those unemployed not to work. Today, job seekers have more options on their employer of choice with numerous companies seeking workers. With more opportunities on the market, it is easy to lose our top talent workers to competitors. Start putting your efforts towards attracting and retaining… Read more »

3 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Workers


If 2020 has taught us anything, it‘s that change can happen fast. Hiring and retaining talent is more challenging than ever. Finding workers during the COVID-19 pandemic can seem nearly impossible. Following the economic trend and solving HR challenges are essential to push your business forward. Here are three reasons why you can’t find workers during a pandemic and what you can do to help drive talent acquisition.  COVID 19:  The second round of stimulus checks is in the… Read more »

Rethinking the Holiday Party


Rethinking the Holiday Party - HW Staffing Solutions

Since 2020 is the year of so many things being canceled, this is not the time to consider canceling your company’s holiday party. Because social events are crucial for your culture, staff members need this end-of-year celebration. Thankfully, there are plenty of creative ways to bring employees together virtually. There are some fantastic ways to… Read more »

Management Advice That Will Benefit Your Summer Workforce


Managing employees is never easy. You have to motivate and negotiate all different types of personalities, all while managing administrative tasks like payroll and hiring and staying focused on your long-term goals. There’s a lot to juggle, even when things are going smoothly. Here are some management tips that will benefit your summer workforce. 6… Read more »

HR Tech Trends to Pay Attention To


What Have Leaders Learned About Working Through A Crisis?

The fun thing about technology is that it changes so rapidly and affects all industries. And that includes human resources. Yes, it can be a little intimidating to not know what’s coming, but if you read ahead and stay up-to-date, you can make sure your company’s ahead of the curve. Here are some HR tech… Read more »