Why Work with a Staffing Agency Post-COVID


A diverse group of job seekers

  Why Work with a Staffing Agency Post-COVID? The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing health crisis have taken the world by storm. It caught every domain off-guard, giving no one time to prepare for what was going to come. It won’t be wrong to say that the job market is going through the same effects and… Read more »

How to Boost Confidence Before A Job Interview


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It is not easy to get invited to a job interview. It takes hiring managers, on average, six seconds to browse through a resume, rejecting hundreds of applications in the process, so you must have made a remarkable impression to have caught their eye. However, as positive this impression is, there is still one more… Read more »

Surprise! How to Be Ready for an Interview at a Moment’s Notice


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When you’re active in the job market, an employer may contact you for an interview the same day. In some cases, you may have only a few hours’ notice to prepare. Although this can be a nerve-wracking event, remain focused on what you need to do to get ready. The action you take now can mean the… Read more »

3 Ways to Take the Scary Out of Interviewing


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Yes, job interviews can be scary. It’s your one chance to make a good first impression on your potential employer. You whole, entire career rests with an interviewer who will decide in the first few minutes whether or not they like you. Okay, maybe that’s a big dramatic. But it’s still a stressful experience for… Read more »

Telltale Signs You Got the Job


You know that feeling—you bounce out of the interview room with confidence! You know it went well, though you can’t quite put your finger on why. You just feel good about the whole job interview and you’re pretty sure you got the job. Or that you at least impressed them. But there’s always that doubt… Read more »

4 Characteristics of Someone Who Finds Their Dream Job


Your resume shows off your skills, qualifications, experience, education and probably a few dozen other heroic highlights. But it will only get you so far. At some point, your intangible qualities will take over and can make you shine brighter than someone with a similar resume. Here are four characteristics you can develop to help… Read more »

Application Questions You Can Nail Every Time


When you’re applying for jobs, be prepared. Show that you’re thoughtful, conscientious and have details ready. Depending on the job, applications vary. They’re a good way for employers to collect the same of information from all candidates. When you sign the bottom, you’re guaranteeing that all the information is truthful and accurate. Here are some… Read more »

What are The Best Way to Prepare for a Job Interview?


The best way to prepare for a job interview is to maximize your confidence. Confidence is the key to landing your dream job. The more self-assured and upbeat you are, the more you’ll be able to focus on your answers instead of hesitating with nervousness. Here are six ways to boost your confidence, to make… Read more »

What Are the Essentials for Your Resume?


Resumes should tell the employer about your experiences, skills, and work history. It’s the first step in screening candidates, so without a good resume, your job application will likely be ignored! You want to highlight items that demonstrate you’re a hard worker, you’re qualified, and you bring desirable skills to the job.  Here are the… Read more »

Pay Attention to Your Body Language During a Job Interview


What candidates do in a job interview is often more important than what they say. It’s important to be aware of your body language—even if the interviewer isn’t conscious of it, she is making constant judgments about your attitude and personality as conveyed by your posture, your eye contact and even your hand gestures. In… Read more »