Smarter Hiring Trends for 2021: 4 Tips to Attract and Retain Top Talent


Attracting and retaining talent didn’t always seem so challenging, but with more stimulus checks going out, it is easier for those unemployed not to work. Today, job seekers have more options on their employer of choice with numerous companies seeking workers. With more opportunities on the market, it is easy to lose our top talent workers to competitors. Start putting your efforts towards attracting and retaining… Read more »

What Are The Implications of a Bad Hire?


Impact of a bad hire

The price of a bad hire has far-reaching consequences for your company. From the cost of recruitment and training to the disruption and lowering of employee morale, bad hires have a significant impact. Whether a bad hire results in loss of revenue, clients, or employees, you need to do all you can to avoid making the same… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Micromanage New Hires


Micromanaging employees can be a very costly mistake for bosses. Whether the reason behind it is ego, inexperience or perfectionism, when a manager closely observes and controls the work of his new subordinates, the effects on those employees can be counterproductive. While you want to support your new hires, you must give them enough freedom… Read more »