How to Build Flexibility into Your Hiring Process


How to Build Flexibility into Your Hiring Process - HW Staffing Solutions

Being flexible with your recruiting process is one key to attracting top talent. The best candidates are busy with work, personal commitments, hobbies, and other interests. For this reason, they require options in their job search that let them get to know employers in their own time. If you do not modify your recruiting process to accommodate… Read more »

How To Find Employees When You Need Them


How to find employees when you need them - HW Staffing Solutions

When you need to find the right candidate to fill the vacancy on your team, time is of the essence. You want the most qualified applicant who can quickly start and get up to speed in a short amount of time. However, you need to take enough time to get to know the top candidates to determine their fit for the position before deciding which one should… Read more »

4 Ways Managers Can Create a Culture of Teamwork


4 Ways Managers Can Create a Culture of Teamwork HW Staffing Solutions

Building a culture of teamwork is important for your company. When individuals know they’re contributing to their team, they feel appreciated. This encourages them to continue to learn, perform their best, and achieve more. High productivity and collaboration create engaged workers and vibrant company culture. Teammate interactions promote innovation, making your company a desirable place to… Read more »

What Are The Implications of a Bad Hire?


Impact of a bad hire

The price of a bad hire has far-reaching consequences for your company. From the cost of recruitment and training to the disruption and lowering of employee morale, bad hires have a significant impact. Whether a bad hire results in loss of revenue, clients, or employees, you need to do all you can to avoid making the same… Read more »

Safety for All – Addressing the Chronically Unsafe Employee


Leaving Your Job - How to Build Bridges Rather Than Burn Them HW Staffing Solutions

Most employees understand they’re responsible for creating a safe work environment. They understand the importance of being trained to safely carry out their job duties and ensure the safety of coworkers. However, there are times when safety measures are ignored. As human beings, employees don’t always follow procedures. As a manager, you may not want… Read more »

Fun Ways Your Event Staff Can Have Fun With Valentine’s Day


Whether your event is Valentine’s Day themed or not, if you’re hosting something in mid-February, add a little charm by having fun with this romantic holiday. It’s become a mainstream commercial success, more than simply a holiday for lovers. Celebrated in schools, restaurants, and offices, Valentine’s Day is a great way to boost energy and… Read more »

8 Ways Your Budget Could Go Bust and 3 Ways to Mitigate Those Risks


So you’ve been promoted to a managerial role—congratulations! But now you have to manage a budget. And your department’s budget is probably more complicated than your household budget. There are more moving parts and more people involved. It’s usually pieced together on a spreadsheet, and you’ll have to act responsibly and without errors. Here are… Read more »

Millennial Month: 5 Benefits Your Millennial Workforce Brings to Work


It’s Millennial Month! Millennials make great hires for a variety of different reasons—they value the quality of their work, they’re interested in collaboration, and they’re optimists. Thanks to coming of age with social media, they’re used to being honest and genuine and are more than willing to share their opinions. Here are five benefits your… Read more »

How to Find Great Clerical Workers


A great administrative assistant is absolutely essential at any company. With such a wide range of responsibilities—handling phone calls, scheduling meetings, managing social media, or updating spreadsheets—you have to make sure you have the right person in place. They’re the backbone of your company! Here’s how to find great clerical workers who can make your… Read more »

Is Your HR Department Empowered to Hire the Very Best People?


A human resources department needs to be equipped with the very best tools to hire the very best people. They need to be able to attract the most talented candidates, make a great first impression, and close the deal with great perks and benefits. Here are five steps to make sure your human resources department… Read more »