How to Boost Confidence Before A Job Interview


women sitting at desk interviewing

It is not easy to get invited to a job interview. It takes hiring managers, on average, six seconds to browse through a resume, rejecting hundreds of applications in the process, so you must have made a remarkable impression to have caught their eye. However, as positive this impression is, there is still one more… Read more »

How to Know if the Interview Is Going Poorly… and How to Turn It Around


After landing a job interview, you do all you can to prepare. Despite the time you invest in researching the company and role, practicing answers to questions, and thinking about questions to ask, the interview may not go as well as expected. Perhaps the department manager conducts the interview, even though they’d rather focus on… Read more »

5 Items Every Well-Written Resume Needs


Your resume is a hugely important document in your life! It’s the difference between you getting achieving the next step in your career and…not. It’s the difference between you snatching a job that fulfills your life’s goals and having a job that’s just a job. So you have to make sure it grabs the reader’s… Read more »